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Please bring back the old layout, or at least make it an option

It was much more functional and better looking before. I would prefer if it was the default and the new look was an option you could set per-pad, but that seems unlikely.
Also changing your text color is broken, at least in all of the browsers I have handy. Overall very disappointed by the change.

Kimbles , 01.12.2011, 03:54
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 20.02.2012
Closing this as you can now have chat stuck to the side of the screen and the color picker is fixed.
Idea status: completed


johnyma22, 01.12.2011, 14:19
If this gets enough votes I will give an option to switch back to the old UI.

Please file a separate issue for changing your text colour. Thanks
Gerald, 06.12.2011, 00:40
I really really think that this is an important option because some of my friends have difficulties with the new pad and as well sometimes the pad constantly disconnects and is not as reliable as the old one. The option would be great that way you have the option
johnyma22, 06.12.2011, 00:50
Pad stability is a separate issue, I think you may have missed the point here.
Iggy, 07.12.2011, 16:37
My opinion is that layout is not a problem, as long as it is stable and have the same funcionalities of the old one, it doesn't matter how it looks like.

Anyway there are a lot of servers out there using the unmodified version of etherpad, for those who care.
johnyma22, 07.12.2011, 16:41
I do think giving people a choice between interface during a migration is a good idea, if we had planned the migration I would of done this.

RE other sites see: http://etherpad.org/public-sites

You can also host your own: http://etherpad.org/download/

Iggy, 2 more things: a) TWM is maintained by me [John McLear], I also maintain Etherpad and I'm part of the Etherpad Foundation.

FYI TWM runs Etherpad Lite which is the new version of Etherpad. This means we can provide better API access, better pad capabilities. We have a number of people testing new features and over the next few weeks you will see some coming live.

I'm not sure how we plan to announce these new features or support but I can assure you that TWM will be first to get them and first to get the bugs that come with them. It's a risk/reward thing.
Iggy, 07.12.2011, 16:49
I know, i have both versions here in my private apache server. I'll join the forum on the source code to see how can I help, however I am willing to keep using TWM

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