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Losing connection to Etherpad lite synchronization servers

I am constantly disconnected from the synchronization servers. It is really inconvenient. My connection to the internet is perfect, so it would lead me to believe that it is your server. Can you improve the performance of the connectivity?

Eric , 30.11.2011, 16:58
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 27.01.2012
Please test your connection here prior to voting this up. http://primarywall.com/static/heartbeat.html
Idea status: completed


johnyma22, 30.11.2011, 17:27
We're currently working on this.
fuckyou, cuints, 28.01.2016, 20:23
kill yourself you pathetic cunts, fix this fucking issue it's 2016 and it's still a problem? kill yourselves you useless pathetic shits
johnyma22, 04.12.2011, 14:55
With the recent updates we applied, has this got better or worst?
Eric, 05.12.2011, 02:08
Haven't tried it yet, I will tomorrow (Monday). Keep up the great work, typewithme is amazing.
John, 06.12.2011, 21:54
Andrew Norris, 15.01.2012, 15:07
Just started using it last few days. It's really, really bad. I need to type everything twice. It's not got better. I'm from the Uk if that helps.
johnyma22, 15.01.2012, 15:09
Can you please try using this resource to see if the problem is on your end? http://primarywall.com/static/heartbeat.html
Just A Writer, 04.12.2011, 21:53
Yes, I would really like this to be improved. For example-as me and my friends are collaborating, I notice several of them disappear. Followed by me, as the pad disconnected. My internet is excellent and I highly agree with this.
Mike, 07.12.2011, 18:10
worse. having a lot of connectivity issues. bad gateway 502 and bad gateway 503 all over the place. Making this almost unusable.

hope you can improve this. thanks for offering this service. it's needed!
johnyma22, 07.12.2011, 22:51
What pad are you having this issue on? We have seen a 80% drop in 502s and 503s so I fail to believe we haven't resolve the majority of the issues.
Steven, 18.12.2011, 19:25
This has gotten ridiculous. Literally 75% of the time I spend in type with me is either getting disconnected or trying to get the document to load after I have been disconnected. It's been like this ever since you switched servers or whatever, and it's only gotten worse over time. It's gotten so frustrating that I don't think I'll ever use type with me again.
Emily, 18.12.2011, 19:35
Almost every minute it decides to short out, then when it reloads it does the same thing a few seconds later. I'd rather use tinychat.
Margit, 02.01.2012, 15:09
I used typewithme with my students right before winter break (December 19). Students were constantly losing connection and were unable to complete a collaboration activity as intended. I have heard great things about typewithme, but the connectivity issue makes me think of other options. I really do not think this issue is resolved or completed....
johnyma22, 02.01.2012, 15:24
Do you have the same problem if you use http://primarypad.com -- It is possible that the problem is with the internet connection in your school.
johnyma22, 02.01.2012, 15:28
Did some more investigation, all of the problems were over a 2 day period where a site admin had multiple instances of etherpad-lite running. This meant they were conflicting and ergo re-spawning new threads every minute or two and that's why you weer getting disconnected. I have added a message to the start-up script telling any admin to check to see if the thread is already running prior to re-initializing etherpad-lite.

A perma fix is due soon
Mariana, 18.02.2012, 23:37
This comment was back in January. . . and now it's February and the problem is still not fixed. I use PiratePad to collaborate with my friends with projects, but we all keep getting disconnected and are slowly loosing our ability to post anything. Please fix this. If there are many people with this problem it is not our internets it is this server. . . it's loosing it's sense of convenience.
johnyma22, 18.02.2012, 23:44
Please do the test available here when you get disconnected:

PiratePad is running a completely different codebase to typewithme so I doubt your problems are related if bandwidth is not an issue. My suspicion is that the problem lies elsewhere but we will see from your heartbeat results.
Mariana, 20.02.2012, 01:21
I did try this test, and my number is completely within the range of the heartbeat.
And as for PiratePad it says "you have lost connection with the synchronization servers" when I get disconnected. And this site talks about that server. . .
johnyma22, 20.02.2012, 08:52
Strange. How frequently do you get disconnected and how long did you run the heartbeat test for? TypeWith Me, the PiratePad and PrimaryPad all run completely different version of Etherpad in completely different hosting/countries so I doubt this problem exists on all 3. I still suspect it is either service specific or a problem at your end. Could you please run the heartbeat test the next time you get..
"you have lost connection with the synchronization servers"

Also.. Could you please post your browser type and version # and operating system IE Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer 7..

Mariana, 20.02.2012, 19:03
I still did the test while I got disconnected and the heartbeat is still within the range: 167 to be exact. And all my friends are getting disconnected at the same time I'm getting disconnected, so I don't think it's a problem from our end.
I use a Windows Vista and my default browser was Internet Explorer 7, but I use Google Chrome or Firefox 4. The problem still exist even though I change browsers.
johnyma22, 20.02.2012, 23:33
This is on willyou.typewithme.com right?
Mariana, 22.02.2012, 17:25
No, my members and I use piratepad.net where you can make your own public pad to chat with others(right) and post information (left). We can no longer use the left box because every time we try to type something it will disconnect us. and some of us can't even access the site period.
johnyma22, 22.02.2012, 18:08
*facepalm.. Then why are you commenting on the typewithme feedback site? You need to get in touch with the site admin and piratepad.
Mariana, 22.02.2012, 18:29
Because I get disconnected with the Etherpad lite synchronization servers which this site talks about. And the piratepad site doesn't have contact information to the admins. . .
I'm so sorry if I bothered you.
Crystal, 27.01.2012, 09:25
Every time I am on this page my study group and I get disconnected, most of the time it wont let us re-connect, it is rather frustrating. I can see from all the other comments that we are not alone here. Hope you can fix the glitch soon as the idea of these pages are fabulous especially when studying online :)
Zane, 18.04.2012, 21:48
My girlfriend and I were working on a very important essay that she needed to complete. I am in the US and she is back home in the UK. You keep insisting that this is a problem on our end, but it's not. Our internet is working fine, and so is everyone's, from what I have read. This is extremely frustrating, as we have been working on this essay for a while now and were nearly done. I suggest you try and fix the problem instead of insisting it's our internet connection. It is, in fact, *your* server having the issue.
johnyma22, 18.04.2012, 22:01
Hi Zane. Please provide the facts and evidence that you are using to make this claim.

Did you read through the comments in this post? Specifically....
Please do the test available here when you get disconnected:


If so please let me know what heartbeat you get because I expect it spikes when you get disconnected, probably due to poor wireless or internet connectivity.


Try to remember TWM is a free service used to test new EPLite features, I run it out of the goodness of my heart and to try my best to give users a good environment. Questioning my ability to manage a service is demoralizing, as I get more demoralized I have less incentive to run this service, so you are doing the whole community a dis-service but I guess I appreciate the feedback, even if it's unsupported by evidence...

It is clear on the typewithme page that people who use TWM for education should use PrimaryPad. If you require an SLA or any sort of guaranteed service you should NOT be using TWM. Again I want to emphasize TWM is a development site and free service so we do not guarantee access.

As far as "fixing" the issue, if you don't get the same problem on PrimaryPad then happy days. If you still get the problem then we can be confident your connection is an issue.
Baur, 28.07.2013, 20:21
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Bolivia, 30.07.2013, 00:56
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