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delete pages and be able to renew them(bully wise)

My friend made a journal then a ton of other girls read it and made fun of her because of it, id like to have a renew button to delete anything thats ever been on there

kassady , 30.11.2011, 16:38
Idea status: completed


johnyma22, 30.11.2011, 17:25
Please use a blog service such as wordpress.com if you want to control the visible content.
johnyma22, 14.12.2011, 20:07
You could also use http://primarypad.com which would allow you to password control your pads.
Saja, 31.07.2013, 13:23
I feel so much happier now I unntesradd all this. Thanks!
Rita, 02.08.2013, 02:13
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Ali, 05.08.2013, 15:02
Times are chganing for the better if I can get this online!

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