Guys, I know the site hasn't been stable. We run TypeWithMe as our debug for our production servers. Apologies.. You can find other public Etherpad Sites at http://etherpad.org

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Names appear when you hover over text.

A lot of time only two or three people will be on the pad when I'm collaborating in my group, and we sometimes have trouble telling who is who just by their color. I think it'd be super helpful to have a feature where, when turned on, you could...
Lilly, 01.12.2011, 19:00
19 votes Vote

The ability to embed images.

I think it would be great if we were able to incorporate images with the text.
Doris, 09.12.2011, 18:44
7 votes Vote

Expand upon Authorship

First of all, have a list of all the authors who have written anything in the document. Perhaps put this along with document statistics, which bear word count, character count, number of lines, etc.? The ability to restore authorship colors is a...
Mr. Awesomest, 13.12.2011, 20:48
6 votes Vote

A spell check

It needs a spell check. I often spell a lot of words wrong, and end up spell checking them on a word document or something.
Jane, 18.01.2012, 03:13
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My computer will load certain pads but not others

I use IE10 with Windows 7, and my computer will load some pads but not others. For example: IF I were to go into a room called bananas, it won't load. If I try to go into apples, it will load and I will have no problems at all with it. but...
Someone, Somewhere, 31.01.2012, 23:13
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My pad won't load

My pad will not load for me. The screen sticks in "Loading..." mode forever. I'm running Firefox 12.0 on Windows 7.
Jessie, 31.05.2012, 13:22
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Losing connection to Etherpad lite synchronization servers

I am constantly disconnected from the synchronization servers. It is really inconvenient. My connection to the internet is perfect, so it would lead me to believe that it is your server. Can you improve the performance of the connectivity?
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 27.01.2012
Please test your connection here prior to voting this up. http://primarywall.com/static/heartbeat.html
Eric, 30.11.2011, 16:58
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Please bring back the old layout, or at least make it an option

It was much more functional and better looking before. I would prefer if it was the default and the new look was an option you could set per-pad, but that seems unlikely. Also changing your text color is broken, at least in all of the browsers I...
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 20.02.2012
Closing this as you can now have chat stuck to the side of the screen and the color picker is fixed.
Kimbles, 01.12.2011, 03:54
37 votes Vote

Chat always visible

Congratulations for the work done in Etherpad! I just wanted to make a suggestion, I think there should be the option of being with chat messages always visible. As it is now, it becomes difficult to understand if there were new messages.
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 31.01.2012
This is now possible by clicking on the settings button "wheel" and selecting "Chat always on screen"
Dario, 30.11.2011, 23:28
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Make chat window bigger and easier to read.

Although it is great that there is a chat window, it is very inconvenient to have to squint just to read the chat.Can you please make the chat window larger or create an option as to the size of the chat window? Thank You.
Debbie, 06.12.2011, 05:07
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13 votes Vote

Having trouble changing colors?

Some people can't change the color of their text. Even though the rest of us can. Is there anything they can try in order to help?
Lexxii, 14.12.2011, 03:16
12 votes Vote

delete pages and be able to renew them(bully wise)

My friend made a journal then a ton of other girls read it and made fun of her because of it, id like to have a renew button to delete anything thats ever been on there
kassady, 30.11.2011, 16:38
11 votes Vote

the Etherpad-lite screen is stuck on loading

when i try to access a etherpad-lite chat site the screen is always on loading
Ben, 10.01.2012, 09:42
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Constant Chat Glitches

Well, I would really like if you would improve the chatting on the pad. Mainly because whenever I'm collaborating with my friends and such, I try to type something in with the chat but it doesn't show up. Can you please fix this somehow?
Just A Writer, 04.12.2011, 21:45
10 votes Vote

did i lost my data

What happened to the old links and their data? Is there a way to get it?
mod, 20.12.2011, 16:15
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Add RTL button support (CSS rule > direction:rtl;)

Add a new button to the toolbar, which enable RTL support it has to insert a CSS role of direction:rtl; around the focused paragraph
nadavkav, 01.12.2011, 16:18
5 votes Vote

read only isnt displaying changes made

read only isnt displaying changes made in document
SHAD, 01.12.2011, 16:32
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Hosting & person deletion

I find it really annoying when someone comes onto your pad and you don't want them to. Maybe there could be a password but that would probably be a hassle so I was thinking maybe there could be a host (first person to get there, at the time) and...
Gerald, 06.12.2011, 00:29
5 votes Vote

how do you change the color of your hilight?

carrie, 13.12.2011, 20:15
5 votes Vote

Minimize chat, then bring it back

When I minimize the chat window, I can't get it back without refreshing the page
Matt, 14.12.2011, 16:12
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Disappointed greatly in this website!

I am very disappointed with the compatibility of this website. It continues to disconnect me and never loads the full changes. Please bring the old version back or allow it to be used. Overall this website is not helpful when working in a group,...
Madeline, 20.12.2011, 13:19
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Will it become more stable

"Guys, I know the site hasn't been stable. We run TypeWithMe as our debug for our production servers. Apologies.. You can find other public Etherpad Sites at http://etherpad.org" Do you mean you can run a type with me utility elsewhere and not...
John Miullo, 06.12.2011, 21:53
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Color not changing when I pick it. No color wheel

My color started kind of blue, and I wanted to change it to red. The square palet was available and I clicked a patch of red I liked. It did not change my color by my name, then I discovered that the colorful wheel that normally sits aorund the...
Rebecca Holmes, 16.12.2011, 20:17
3 votes Vote

Chat button blink/change at new message or mention

I found it better to have the chat always down when editing, it saves a lot of space. However for those who want to keep the chatting, there could be a way the chat button blink or change color, etc. whenever there is a new message and/or when...
Iggy, 07.12.2011, 16:54
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Chat commands

What about adding chat commands? /kick {user} which kicks them out of the room, /ban {user} that bans a user from that room for 5 minutes? Such would help hosts manage trolling problems.
Vincent, 06.12.2011, 07:48
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TypeWithMe down. Lost pad?

The site seems down from time to time and I can't reload my pad. Is there a way I can at least retrieve the text I wrote?
Otiel, 13.01.2012, 15:39
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Toggle between fixed-width font and regular font

For those of us who like to use tools like this for looking at code or computer output with others, it would be nice to have an option to view the text in a fixed-width font.
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 20.02.2012
There is now a setting for this.
Casey McLaughlin, 25.01.2012, 17:47
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Toggle to permanently disable authorship coloring.

Just need a simply check-box that stops coloring authorship. It also would be nice to be able to clear authorship without a confirmation.
vvildcard, 11.01.2012, 00:44
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Line Feeds / Enter key not functioning correctly

After I paste a URL into TypyWithMe, and press Enter, the last character of the URL is "kidnapped" onto the next line.
Mel, 26.01.2012, 13:46